5 Signs That Your Car Engine Needs Repair

Every vehicle owner needs to avoid ignoring any signs of an auto problem for safety reasons and avoid future costly repairs. A small engine repair issue may escalate into a bigger repair issue.

Also, other car problems such as a brake system issue or issues with the wheels or tires can lead to more expensive auto repair services. Getting your car to an experienced mechanic for a case such as engine repair work earlier will enable you to save money.

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Below are five signs that your vehicle needs an engine repair service:

Check Whether The Light Is On

If the engine light on your car or truck’s dashboard is on, you urgently need to see a professional mechanic for repair services. Some people don’t get concerned and end up ignoring this vital sign.

Car engine problems can range from troubles in a cooling system that causes overheating to a loose gas cap. Professional mechanics have advanced equipment or tools to make proper diagnostics and fix any engine trouble.

Besides avoiding a major engine problem, taking quick action could mean evading a situation that could pose safety risks, such as being stranded somewhere on the roadside. 

Stuttering And Stalling

Your vehicle engine needs auto repair services if it is stalling or stuttering. There could be a problem with your engine’s components or inner workings for lack of enough strength to maintain sufficient power in your vehicle to move without faltering.

It is a serious repair or maintenance issue because it can be dangerous if your vehicle stalls in the middle of a highway. You can also roll backward if your car stalls or struggles to get to the hilltop.

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You must take your vehicle to an expert mechanic who will conduct repair or replacement services for faulty engine components.

Worn-out timing belts may also cause stalling or lack of power when they slip on the camshaft drive, which then causes the early opening and closing process.

Reduced Gas Mileage Or High Fuel Consumption

If your car requires you to fill up your gas, then on other normal occasions, something is wrong with your vehicle’s engine. The best thing to do is go to an auto shop for repair and maintenance services.

Other reasons for reduced gas mileage could be a faulty fuel injection system, failing oxygen sensor, and dirty or fouled spark plugs. An old engine can portray these behaviors because of a loss of efficiency.

The best thing to do is replace the old engine with a new one.

That is why the owners of the vehicles are advised to have a rough idea of the number of miles they drive per gallon. You will notice consistency in decreased performance and know when it’s time to get a new engine for your vehicle.

Increased Exhaust Smoke  

If you notice excess smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe, it’s time to see a professional mechanic. The smoke color can let you know which kind of a problem your vehicle is experiencing.

Black smoke indicates the presence of large fuel or gas in the combustion chamber, the blue smoke indicates the burning oil presence, and a white smoke signifies that coolant is present in the chamber.

Your catalytic converter may have a problem that helps convert pollutants and toxic gases into exhaust gases.

Knocking Noise

If you hear a knocking noise coming out of a car, SUV, or truck, the most likely reason could be worn-out or loose engine bearings. The work of the bearings is to provide friction between the engine’s moving parts. 

Improper alignment of the bearings causes them to wear down quicker and leads to making these sounds. It would help replace your bearings, especially when used for years because they wear out over long periods.

Cars with worn-out engine bearings pose safety risks on the road. Also, failing to take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible may lead to more expensive repairs or force you to get an engine replacement.

You can help prolong the life of the bearings by conducting oil changes after the recommended period or when a professional mechanic makes recommendations.  

Other Signs That Show Your Car’s Engine Needs at Auto Repair Work 

Stalling or Rough Idle

If you notice that your vehicle seems like it wants to die, you should take it to a mechanic. A rough idle or stalling comes from misfiring or varying RPMs.

Causes of rough idle include:

  • A malfunctioning ignition coil.
  • A fuel pump issue.
  • Clogged fuel.
  • Worn-out spark plugs.

It is critical for you to immediately schedule an appointment and take your vehicle to a professional technician to inspect it before the problem becomes bigger.


There should be no leakage of any type in your car. You must take your vehicle to a mechanic if you see fluid leaking.

Your vehicle uses several fluids, including transmission, power steering, brake, engine oil, and differential fluid. Another example of a car’s fluid is a coolant from the water pump that flows through the engine block, radiator, hoses, and cylinder head to minimize the heat.

If there is a leakage, you should take a break and see a mechanic because any delays might cause more problems for your engine.

Issues in the Brake System

If your vehicle has a failing brake booster, it may cause the engine to draw an excess vacuum. It may lead to stalling of the engine.

A stalling engine can cause a bigger issue, such as lower brake system performance. You should see a mechanic for repair work if there is an issue with your brake system.

Cooling System Issues

If your car’s dashboard is too hot than normal, there is an issue with the cooling system. A failure in the cooling system can make your engine fail as well.

You should contact a professional or get your vehicle to a mechanic to avoid huge repair costs if your car’s engine is affected in case there are issues in the cooling system.

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