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At Denny’s Auto, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service by repairing fuel systems at a fair price,  and we ensure our great work is reliable and produces good results.  Denny’s Auto is the right place for repair services that are honest and reliable.

Among the many other shops, we are a repair shop in auto repairs that prides our services on the satisfaction of our customers. We ensure our client’s cars have fuel efficiency by routinely servicing their fuel systems to keep the engine running smoothly to avoid any breakdowns.

What Is a Fuel System?

A fuel system is a network of components in a vehicle that offer transmission service of fuel to the engine. Such constituents include a fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, and carburetor or fuel injectors. All these components work to deliver fuel to the engine.

A vehicle can either have an electronic or mechanical fuel system. Most modern cars have electronic fuel systems.  We ensure that each component of the fuel system is in good condition through repair and regular maintenance. We aim to give every vehicle peak performance.

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How Does a Fuel System Work?

The work of a vehicle’s fuel system is to store and supply the engine with diesel fuel or gasoline enough to run as it should. The apparatuses of the fuel system can affect the local running of a vehicle.

A vehicle can have either an in-tank or an external fuel pump. Electronic modern fuel pumps are generally in the vehicle’s fuel tank. The fuel pump works by generating a flow of fuel to the engine. Gasoline or diesel is returned to the tank if not used. Returning it to the tank reduces the risk of becoming too hot since it is not supposed to be close to the hot engine for a long time.

The fuel tank acts as a reservoir for the storage of fuel. While filling the fuel tank, gasoline flows through a filler tube that directly channels it into the fuel tank. A filler tube has a fuel cap that should be tight and sealed to avoid allowing air into the fuel system. Faulty or loose fuel caps can cause the check engine light to turn on.

Every fuel tank has an indicator that communicates to the fuel gauge how much fuel is in the tank to ensure that the driver gets notified if the vehicle is running low on gasoline or diesel. Modern cars have fuel tanks with components that control emissions to prevent fuel vapors from being released into the atmosphere.

Fuel pumps serve two purposes. They work to generate both pressure and volume. Peak performance happens when the fuel volume and pressure delivered to the tank are in the appropriate proportions.

The pressure from the pump is what draws the fuel and pushes it through the fuel lines and fuel filter, delivering it to the fuel injectors. 

Finally, the engine can run when the fuel gets ignited and delivered to the cylinder combustion chambers.

We can establish if a vehicle’s fuel system is okay if it can accomplish the whole process without difficulty.

Indicators That a Fuel System Needs a Repair

We can verify that a vehicle needs a fuel system repair if :

  • Is not able to start.
  •  Rough start.
  • Shudders when idle.
  • Loses power when towing or going uphill.
  • The engine responds slowly when the gas pedal gets pressed.
  • Slow acceleration.
  • Check engine light is always on.
  • Poor gas mileage.
Fuel System Repair

How We Do Fuel System Repairs

A vehicle’s fuel tank, filler hose, or lines generally do not fail unless they get severe rust that damages them. After we diagnose and establish that rust is not the problem, we focus our attention on the other components that hinder the engine from consuming gasoline as per its manufacturing requirements.

Here is how we repair the fuel system after we establish that it is the cause of the poor or lack of running of a vehicle:

Fuel filter replacement.

We offer quality work with our fuel filter replacement services. We advise our customers to bring their vehicles for regular servicing to ensure the car running is smooth. 

Generally, filters remove impurities from the fuel to ensure that the engine does not receive unwanted moisture or harmful debris.

Covering a lot of mileage is bound to clog the filter, therefore, restricting the easy flow of fuel to the vehicle’s engine. Clogged filters cause a stall while starting the car, rough car running, and sometimes the car can stop completely.

We always consider looking at the fuel filters first when the problem seems to be fuel delivery. We deliver our services at affordable prices by replacing the clogged filters with brand new ones that effectively allow for the free flow of gasoline into the engine for smooth running.

Fuel pump repair

We analyze the state of the fuel pump if a vehicle has strange sounds coming from the rear close to the gas tank. Cars with fuel pump problems occasionally struggle to accelerate and sometimes make a sound that seems like a clicking sound.  

Our team of mechanics has knowledge and skills in repairing such vehicle problems. In cases where the fuel pump needs replacement, we offer quality work even to relatively challenging situations where modern vehicles have the fuel tank inside the tank.

Fuel injection repair and servicing.

Cleaning and servicing are vital for the fuel injection system that has offered service for many miles. The fuel injector system works by spraying fuel into the vehicle’s combustion chamber. We give regular maintenance and repair services to ensure the injection system is clean. We also check and repair individual injectors that leak and cause poor gas mileage.

How To Prevent Fuel System Problems

At Denny’s Auto, we recommend that vehicles use the fuel recommended by the manufacturer to avoid damaging the functions of the fuel system. Second, we advocate for regular maintenance and servicing to replace in-line fuel filters. We also advise our customers to bring their vehicles for regular fuel injection cleaning and inspection of the state of the fuel pump.

If you want a professional to handle your fuel system repair or conduct any other repair on your vehicle, welcome to Denny’s Auto. Our shop is situated at 11999 South Redwood Road, Riverton, UT 84065. Come and discover the great service we offer during working hours from Monday to Friday. You can also call (801) 997-5927 today to schedule an appointment.

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