Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Riverton, UT

No matter which make or model you drive, your car, truck or SUV came with an owners manual. In that manual, there are maintenance recommendations from your manufacturer. Regularly scheduled maintenance is hands down the best way to keep your vehicle operating at its peak level of performance. If you’ve misplaced your owner’s manual or if you purchased a used vehicle that does not have one, no problem, we keep up to date with all factory maintenance suggestions.

It is also important to keep in mind that factory scheduled maintenance suggestions are based on ideal driving conditions. Severe driving conditions can range anywhere from the long stop and go commutes to extended driving trips as well as performing excessive towing. Let us know what you need from your vehicle on a regular basis and we can put together a maintenance schedule based on your driving habits as well as the current condition of your vehicle.

Factory Scheduled Services in Riverton, UT

We can service your vehicle even if it is still under warranty from the manufacturer. We can check to see if any parts that need to be replaced or repaired in your vehicle are still under warranty or if there are any active recalls associated with it. Having maintenance or repairs performed at our independent automotive repair shop will not void any manufacturer’s warranty.

Here at Denny’s Auto Inc, we pride ourselves on being your premier dealership alternative. We provide top notch customer service and take care of you, the driver as well as your vehicle. Let us show you the positive difference we can make to your automotive maintenance experience.

Our goal is to make sure that your vehicle is both safe and reliable so we will check the various components of your vehicle at the mileage markers suggested by your manufacturer. This does not necessarily mean that these components need to be replaced but it is still important to have them inspected so we can give you an idea of how long these parts have left before you start to experience drivability issues.

Let us know whenever you have questions about how to best maintain your vehicle. Each time you bring your car, truck or SUV into our shop, we can perform a quick visual inspection of the components in your engine compartment that are most vulnerable to wear and tear. We want to help you avoid hazardous roadside breakdowns or becoming stranded with a car that won’t start and factory scheduled maintenance services are a big part of that effort.

So whenever you are in need of factory scheduled maintenance services or have general questions about how to best maintain or repair your vehicle, give us a call, drive on into our shop or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works best for you!

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