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Top 5 Symptoms Of A Broken Suspension

Top Five Systoms Of A Broken Suspension in riverton, uT A vehicle is one of those accessories you can’t live without. Most drivers commute every day between work and home or school and spend a lot of their time in the car. Your car suspension is the difference between you enjoying your trips or being bumped…

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5 Signs That Your Car Engine Needs Repair

5 Signs That Your Car Engine Needs Repair Every vehicle owner needs to avoid ignoring any signs of an auto problem for safety reasons and avoid future costly repairs. A small engine repair issue may escalate into a bigger repair issue. Also, other car problems such as a brake system issue or issues with the…

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The Benefits of Regular Brake Maintenance

Brakes are one of the most important parts of the driving process, so it is integral that they work at all times. One of the greatest fears of drivers of automobiles is to press down on the brake pedal and continue at the speed you are currently moving. Without the brake pedal working properly, you…

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Timing Belt

Why do I need to replace my timing belt?

Most of us have heard something about timing belt replacement. But there still remains so many questions! Does my car need the timing belt replaced? What happens if I don’t get my timing belt replaced, does it ruin my engine? How often should the timing belt be replaced? Do I have to replace the water…

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