How to Avoid Feeling Sea-Sick in Your Car

Have you ever been driving down a beautiful road, the scenery is perfect, your favorite song is playing, and you feel like your getting sea-sick whenever your car hits a bump in the road?  That feeling ruins that perfect moment for you!  I have good news for you, we can fix that problem!


Most of the time that feeling is caused by worn shocks or struts.  Shocks and struts wear at a very slow pace, so often times, drivers are not aware that their car is giving them sea-sickness.  The skilled team at Denny’s Auto does a fantastic job of inspecting your vehicle’s shocks and struts, they are experts in eliminating all forms of motion sickness!


A good easy test of checking your shocks and struts is called a ‘bounce test’.  To do a bounce test all you have to do is push down on the front or rear of your vehicle, and count the number of bounces until your vehicle goes back to being steady.  If your vehicle takes more than three bounces then you may have worn shocks or struts!  Also, check for any leaks coming from your shocks and struts, leaks indicate that they are worn and are needed to replaced.


Your team at Denny’s Auto will inspect your shocks and struts for you by doing the bounce test, a visual inspection, and will also perform an alignment check.  When shocks and struts become worn, they can alter your alignment angles, which can cause increased wear on your tires. 


Together, we can avoid tires wearing out prematurely, and that terrible sea-sickness feeling when driving down your favorite road!  Swing by today and let’s make sure your vehicle’s shocks and struts are in good shape for your safety and for your driving pleasure!

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